Secure Stone®

An innovative system which affects the installation of any constructive element applied to facades.


What is Secure Stone®?

The system Secure Stone® is an innovative system which affects the installation of any constructive element applied to facades.

A patented and registered system for the installation of facades, cemented and ventilated with any stone element, porcelain, trespa, alucubond (con d al final!) etc… With installation warranty included.

Both in tests of anchors and cementitious adhesives, strengths of ten times greater have been found with large format tiles, even under the most unfavorable conditions.

This system lays out the solutions to construction and offers the finishing elements for them, such as starting the facade, meeting the windows, THE corners of the facades, the crown beam, or meeting a roof, etc…


Secure Stone® process

1) Project – anchor certification, profile, cements, materials to install, stone, porcelain, alucubond etc.

2) Estimation with the architect, facade design and quality/price ratio.

3) Acceptance of the system and limitation of it

4) Theoretical and practical courses in setters.

5) If need be, anchor training.

6) Calculations and composition of the facade and its supervision.

7) Final quote, after its verification.

8) Execution of the work, overseeing it in the cementation, as well as the ventilation when we will proceed to the supervision of the brackets, screws, profiles, both vertical and horizontal (if any) and the element to be installed on the facade.

9) Handing in the documentation of the technical reports of the facade and its execution.

10) Payments – There are no withholdings due to the guarantee

11) Once the total of the payment for the job has been issued, the documentation will be delivered to the project management with your insurance.


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